About us
We will produce perfect custom tailored itinerary fitting all your travel needs transforming your trip into longlasting memories. You will savor the privilege of wearing a tailored dress. Even the smallest details will be taken care according to your personal whishes. Our Ad Personam service will start meeting you right at the door of your plane, where other travel agents have no access. Our guides will provide No Line entrances for the landmarks of history. We’ll do even more. We’ll give you the possibility to stay in touch with your relatives free of charge. When meeting you at your plane we will provide with our compliments an Italian cellphone activated with Free Unlimited Incoming Calls. It will be enough to leave your personal Italian number home and you will be receiving Incoming Calls for free during your entire staying in Italy. We will use only our own drivers, that will make very easy to monitor your itinerary. At your departure you will be assisted with your flight check-in and then escorted through immigration & custom where we will help you filling in your request for Duty Free VAT reimbursement. Once you recuperated your money we will escort you aboard your flight. We have been doing this for the last decade in all main capitals of Europe.