Your guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel, and will take you for an incredible adventure in Rome. Nothing better than starting your day in Rome with a visit of the Colosseum with NO LINE entrances: The Colosseum of Rome was built in bricks and clad of travertine in a valley among the Palatino, Esquilino and Celio hills after having dried a small lake that Nerone was using for the Domus Aurea. The Colosseum is made of sectors to which one could access thanks to stairs and galleries where one could find, during the games, vendors of chick peas, drinks and cushions. Among the places reserved to the senators and to the members of the Court, was built on the order of August the platform of the Emperor (called “pulvinar”). To the Emperor was reserved the access through the underground corridor known as passage of Commodo. The elliptical arena of the Flavian Amphitheatre, original name for the Colosseum, which measures along the axis about 233 feet for 139, was formed by wooden board flooring covered by sand. Under the arena there were numerous corridors and rooms aimed at welcoming the gladiators and the ferocious beasts.

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