The Trevi fountain is the largest and most famous of all of the fountains of Rome. There is a belief that anyone throwing a coin over his shoulder while standing with his back to the fountain – shall see Rome again. A second coin could help to find your twin soul. A third one to divorce!!! The Trevi is known also as the place Anita Ekberg bathed in Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” and was rescued out of the fountain by Marcello Mastroianni. The fountain was built from 1732 to 1762, according to a design by Nicola Salvi, who won the competition for a design of a new fountain, by Clement XII. The Trevi fountain is the work of nine sculptors and its history begins in 19 BC, with the completion of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, during the rule of Augustus. The name of the fountain derives most likely from the word “trivium” referring to the three roads that converged there . A fountain was erected in the piazza in the time of Nicholas V, later to be demolished and replaced by another unfinished project for a new fountain by Bernini, which was later again demolished to make way for Salvi’s fountain.

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