Your guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel, and will take you for an incredible adventure into Rome’s secrets. This tour focuses on the history of Rome’s Jewish population from the time of the Roman Republic to the current day. The first Jews came to Rome in 161 B.C. and since then, there has been a constant Jewish presence. You will visit the former Jewish ghetto. You will explore the history of the Jewish people in Rome and their impact on the culture of eternal city. In 70 A.D. Titus destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem and brought many Jews to Rome as slaves, as well as the Menorah stolen from the Temple. The Jews living in Rome paid a ransom to liberate their brothers. Today’s time there are only 16,000 Jews in Rome, yet they are the oldest community of the city. Their traditions and values still remain strong while living a Jewish life in a society based around Christianity. Your Roman holiday would not be complete without a visit to the Jewish Ghetto with someone that can take you through with knowledge, anecdotes, legends and humor.

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