A wonderful day exploring the ancient site of Pompeii and the stunning Amalfi Coast awaits you. Our Pompei and Amalfi day tour will leave you memories lasting a life time as you discover some of the most enchanting places of our “Bel Paese” . Your first stop will be at Pompeii archeological site, where you will be guided through the highlights of this ancient Roman city. And while visiting the main areas of Pompeii , like the Macellum (food market), the Thermal Baths, the areas where the Romans would gather to have dinner and wine and some of the homes of wealthy citizens, you’ll learn about their good and bad habits and their way of life . After leaving Pompeii, you will head towards the Amalfi coast – On the way to Positano, you will stop in the famous Sorrento. Along the drive you will enjoy some of the breathtaking vista that have made the Amalfitana Road one of the most panoramic drive in the entire world. You will stop in Positano for a quick shopping in the small cozy boutiques that made the Positano’s look famous in the world Depending on your…shopping, your tour will include a quick visit of Amalfi.

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