Your guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel, and she will escort you to the smallest state in the world: the Vatican State. Once there you will access the Museums through a separate entrance skipping the long line. You will discover two millenniums of art and history all condensed in the most acclaimed museums of the world. You will make your way along the Belvedere Courtyard, which features one of the finest statues of Apollo; the Map Gallery with its amazingly accurate cartography of Italy as depicted in the XIV and XV centuries without the aid of modern science; the Raphael’s Rooms with his frescoes, until you reach the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s breathtaking masterpiece. As you enter the Chapel, you will swear that you can still smell the paint of Michelangelo as he stands high on his scaffold finishing the “Creation of Man”. For four years this master artist struggled to complete his masterpiece of art which illustrates scenes from the Bible, ranging from the “Creation” to the Flood. Today, almost five centuries later, you will stand in awe gazing up at the newly restored ceiling revealing all of Michelangelo’s original vibrant colors. On the wall over the altar is his representation of “The Last Judgment”, completed 20 years after the ceiling.

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